Lessons to be Learnt from 13 of Africa’s Top Emerging Entrepreneurs

On Friday, 28 August 2020, 13 of the top emerging startups from around Africa will be showcasing their solutions to a panel of investors at the Startup Circles.ai Demo Day.

According to StartupCircles.ai CEO, Sandras Phiri, “Despite the current climate, there are still plenty of investors with funds that need to be invested. This Demo Day is an opportunity for the startups we are nurturing to get in front of investors who are actively looking to invest. With startups being hailed as the potential saving grace for Africa’s struggling economy, now is the time for entrepreneurs, and even those just with business ideas, to join events like this to learn about what investors look for and hear how to make their businesses more commercially viable.”

The startups that will be showing off their solutions – which span sanitation, retail, financial services,

food and more – are:

  • Akiba Digital (South Africa) is a financial data aggregator with a data consolidation and enrichment engine that enables businesses to better understand their customers’ financial behaviours.
  • AYA (South Africa), also known as the Etsy of Africa, is an online store for handmade African artisanal goods.
  • Candor Lifestyle (South Africa) is an out-of-season shoe reseller offering a range of quality, unique styles for ladies and men.
  • Chuuse (Nigeria) is an app that provides online courses and certification for adults in a vast array of areas ranging from business analytics and graphic design, to Python.
  • Delta Chem (Zambia) produces high quality, organic-grade natural honey through superior production management methods.
  • Edu VR (Nigeria) is a virtual reality education platform for learners from kindergarten all the way through to 12th grade.
  • Fitrend (Nigeria) is a diabetes and hypertension monitoring and diagnostics watch.
  • Mangwee (Zambia) is a mobile money transfer and payments platform aimed at increasing the rate of financial inclusion, especially for  women, farmers and youth in rural areas.
  • Mdala Online Food (South Africa), dubbed the UberEats of street cuisine, is an on-demand food ordering/delivery platform that gets local food favourites delivered to your door.
  • Mtwanamba Hygiene (South Africa) provides mobile toilet units for funerals.
  • Push Eat (Nigeria) is a marketplace app that connects informal food vendors with customers and delivery drivers to reduce the cost of food.
  • ShortKode (Nigeria) is an education app that allows students to study a wide range of subjects with or without internet connectivity.
  • Yamzit (Uganda) offers POS Software to help small- and medium-sized enterprises understand their customers and make more sales.

Startup Circles is Africa’s No.1 startup school and online accelerator helping entrepreneurs from over 30 countries build commercially viable businesses quickly and cost effectively. Those pitching have gone through the rigorous Startup Launch and Investor Readiness programmes.

The event kicks off at 16:00. To register or for more information, go to https://go.startupcircles.ai/aug-demo-day.